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Financial Literacy for Pre-K - 3rd Graders

 At Spencer's First, our goal is to build Money Masters with interesting books about money. With so many avenues vying for your child's money mindset, we strive to teach them that money is a tool, not a toy. 

Start Early

 Too few families sit down and talk about money and money basics. We break the taboo and introduce children to a basic financial vocabulary in a way they can understand and grasp forever. 

Why You Need Spencer's First

 Without intervention, children will grow up being consumers without any concept of building a solid financial future and it's your job to help them. Spencer's First gives you simple tools to make it happen. Start today building a Money Master. 

Help Our Cause

Your support will fund our free book readings and giveaways in under served communities. Donate now to continue making this important work possible.

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